by Kunti Benson September 16, 2021 4 min read


Welcome to the L.A digital detox queens!
With mental health being of major importance, we wanted to give our angels a few quick steps to digital detox!
If you ever feel yourself triggered by your Instagram feed, (or you find yourself hopelessly purchasing everything in sight), then this is for you!
We have popped our best tips for a digital detox below!
1. We going phone free(ish) bby
Take some time to go through your Instagram feed to unfollow and cull any accounts that don’t inspire, motivate or push you to be a better person.
With Apples new feature that allows us to track our daily screen time, it can feel like a shocking stat....
At times, we may find ourselves mindlessly scrolling for hours consuming content that may not be conducive to a positive mindset.
If you're find yourself spending a large amount of time on Insta, it will be important to make sure the content you're taking in is on the positive side of things!
Make sure your feed is full of things you actually WANT to see!

If you're constantly comparing yourself to people you follow, your self confidence can truly take a hit.
Put your needs first & consciously do what feels best for your mental space!
If you follow accounts in which you constantly find yourself tapping after-pay every week, it may be time to reconsider if this content is hindering your experience instead of inspiring you.
Whilst it is natural to want to purchase endorsed items, we LOVE a budget and believe it is important fo find a balance between spending and saving.

When you rise of a morning, try your best to go without a screen & the same when you're going to sleep!
The artificial, blue light from our phones suppresses Melatonin, which is an integral hormone in the sleep cycle.
If this seems outrageous, try for one phone free morning a week to begin with!
We guarantee you will feel so much more calm.

2. Move that bod (or don't) rest is so underrated!
We recommend getting up and outdoors as soon as you wake to get those endorphins pumping!
What're you feeling?
A beach walk, intense boxing class or maybe a chill yoga sesh?
Tune in queen. These practices will work wonders!

3. Prepare for success!
Every Sunday before the work week, a favourite of ours is setting some mindful intentions.
Organisation brings with it a sense of clarity, so we suggest compiling a list of weekly tasks you hope to accomplish in the next 7 days.
These don't have to hold extreme weight!
Keep it simple bby.
Make bed daily ✔️
Treat self to massage ✔️

More self love✔️

Small attainable goals are such a mood.
4. Health food - for the mind
Podcasts, books & mindful moments help to restore balance into a life that keen feel over stimulating.
The best way to unwind before bed is with a great book or podcast, in our opinion.
Here's a list of some of our faves below:


Our fave books for self empowerment and motivation:

We have included three of our favourite novels below that encapsulate the importance of pursuing your dreams and manifesting positive energy. If a hard copy isn't your style, all are available via Audiobooks so you can relax and listen at the same time. - multitasking at its finest.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Make It Happen by Jordanna Levin

Our fav podcasts below to start your morning to:

Our faves are the Health Code by Sarah's Day and Kurt Tilse and Rise & Conquer by Georgie Stevenson.
These 2 are the filled with tips and tricks to stay healthy, centred and motivated.
Catch us listening to these on repeat.

 We recommend flooding your feed full of motivational accounts that give you extra pep in your step when you're scrolling.
We have popped our fav Instas below if you're seeking inspo!

Ellie Bullen @elsas_wholesomelife.

This queen is real, down to earth and knows how to make a mean smoothie bowl.
Her feed consists of all colours of the rainbow and super easy yet healthy plant based recipes.

Queue Fitness motivation ~

Bianca Melas @biancamelas, is a Pilates goddess.

Her practice aims to bring together a more "empowered you" through movement that is supportive, transformative and healing.

By connecting your body and mind through movement and breath, her classes empower you to connect with yourself internally, transforming you completely.

Sarah's Day @sarahsday workouts are functional, flexible and fierce. Her Instagram and coinciding stories are full of easy to follow workouts that are usually under 20 mins.
Time efficient and killer!

OG Lahana queen Riley Hemson aka @healthychick101 is a major advocate for body positivity. Her message, which runs deep is for all to embrace their body and love it for what it is and what it can do!
Riley is sure to pop you into a positive mind set!
Lahana muse, Georgia @georgiagibbs_ has recently opened up about her skin journey, detailing her healing journey through chronic fatigue syndrome, illness, auto immune disease and hormonal problems caused by extreme stress.
Seeing content like this online, can often make those suffering from similar issues feel less alone.
Rochelle is know as the meditation guru. Her Instagram focuses on ‘changing your mind to transform your life’. Her IG feed @rochelle_fox focuses on Meditation, mental Health, breath work, self Love and digital Wellness.
We can't get enough of her uplifting content.  


We hope that these small tips and tricks will improve your experience queens!

L.a x

Lovers, untameher.

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