Life Chat's with Elsa's wholesome Life

by Kunti Benson September 15, 2021 3 min read

Life Chat's with Elsa's wholesome Life

You're a huge advocate for wellness, wholesome living & all things self love, can you run us through a morning in your life?

Mornings are my favourite part of the day! We usually wake up around 5:30am and our puppy Oatly jumps into bed for some morning cuddles. After this I usually make a small snack such as banana bread and head out for a morning beach walk in beautiful Palm Beach, with my husband and pup to get coffee, (an oat milk cappuccino always!)

When we get home I get my morning home workout in before having breakfast which is usually an avocado toast and protein smoothie. Then I get ready for the day and start on my days work!



As a fellow plant based babe, how have you adjusted your diet now that you have a lil bubs?

The main changes I have made is eating a little more regularly. Pre-pregnancy I would have a late breakfast around 10-11am, however when I was pregnant I needed to have something in my tummy straight away, hence I usually have 2 smaller breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner. I also used to be an avid coffee drinker - having 2-3 a day, but I’ve cut it back to 1 in the morning and another decaf later in the day if I feel like it.

You have two best selling cook books, preset bundles, an ethical online store & a bubba, how do you juggle it all whilst keeping ze glow?

Well it isn’t easy, that’s for sure! I have my wonderful husband, Alex, who is essentially the other half of our business and does a lot of work behind the scenes. While our businesses are always keeping us busy we always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle foremost. Hence we always make sure to make time for exercise, healthy eating and some down time!



Your gram is top to bottom with the most beautiful wholesome treats, smoothies & meals… Do you have a fav amongst these?

Well currently I am totally obsessed with my “caramilk smoothie” I think it’s an obsession and the recipe can be found on my latest YouTube “what I eat in a day

With a livelihood that revolves so heavily around social media, do you find yourself needing to disconnect i.e social media free days/detox?

Yes! When I lived in Bali it was hard to have “days off” because it’s a holiday location I never knew when it was the weekend, however since moving back home 18 months ago I have found it so refreshing and important to have weekends off work (unless there’s an important project I need to work on!) after a really big launch we usually plan a digital detox day where we leave our phones at home for the day and do something nice.

What do you do consistently to keep your mind, body & soul feeling as optimal as possible?

Eat a wholesome diet, get 8 hours sleep and workout daily. They’re my 3 musts!



What is your fav Lahana piece?

My lilac and brown leopard Lahana active set! So comfy and I love the bike shorts with big vintage tees too.

How are you keeping active in these times?

I’ve been following Sarah’s Day “Sweat it to shred it” eBook.

What are you most excited to do when Iso becomes a thing of the past?

Sit down at a cafe for brunch with friends!



Do you have any more exciting projects in the works?

I have a couple of secret projects which I’m working on but they’re still under wraps, but for the rest of 2020 I think it’ll just be our baby keeping us busy :)

What're your fav Apps, Grams & Podcasts?

Apps: Instagram (of course!), Bloom and Tezza.

Grams: @lisadanielle__ for some home and fashion style inspo

@sarahs_day for fitness inspo

@deliciouslyella for plant based recipe inspo.

Podcasts: Plant Proof, Australian Birth Stories, and Shameless

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’m not much of a planner but I see myself still here in Palm Beach, built our dream home and with 2-3 kids. Business wise I see a couple more cookbooks and maybe some new business ventures!

Thanks so much for sharing Ellie!

Much Love xxxxx

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