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Tess Begg is the ultimate picture of active lifestyle living. A passionate foodie, vegan and fitspo girl, this Girl Boss also has released numerous online vegan recipe books which are filled with super easy and yummy recipes.

This 23 year old Sydney girl is A major advocate for fitness, she constantly posts at home workouts for everyone to try! Take one look at her Insta and you'll see a delish mix of healthy white chocolate lava cakes and vegan mac and cheese, she is such an incredible recipe developer.

She posts weekly you tube videos full of health and wellness inspiration!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 23 years young and passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. In 2014 I fell in love with training at the gym and during that time became more conscious of what I was consuming for ethical reasons, and slowly transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. I always enjoyed cooking and being creative as a kid, so when I began trying new fresh and wholesome plant-foods, I liked to make it look pretty and took photos of it for fun. Since then, cooking, food photography and fitness became my creative outlet, and I work full time for myself through social media.
You have 3 vegan ebooks & a youtube channel with quite a large following!
Was working for yourself/building your own empire always part of the plan?
I had no idea I would be doing this, but I always had the mindset to do my own thing and something outside of the typical 9-5 job. I felt that structure didn’t suit me well, and I like the flexibility of working for myself. In the beginning, as I shared my life on Instagram and YouTube it was just for fun, and I didn’t think about how I could turn it into a career, I just rolled with it!


You’re pretty damn real on socials and we love that!
It takes a particular strength to share the intricacies of oneself online for all to see.
With conviction, you voice personal opinions on veganism & health hoping to inform & educate!
Where do you feel the fuel to your fire comes from?
Thank you! I like to keep it real on social media because I am no different from everyone else in the world, and we all experience the highs and lows of life. I have no desire to try to fit into some mould of online expectations. I think the fire comes from my enjoyment for what I do. I want to inspire people to live healthier, get active, and do what they love in life because looking after yourself and making yourself proud is valuable. With veganism, to show people how easy it can be to adopt the lifestyle and how it's not just eating grass haha.
We are so in love with your recipes! The Pancake stacks send us into an absolute dream state.
Do you shoot all of the imagery for your ebooks?
Thank you! I sure do. I’ve come a long way over the last few years with my photography, and it wasn’t until shooting my recent dessert ebook that I improved a lot and understood it all more professionally. I’m continually practising and can’t wait to see more improvements!


Do you have any tips for the L.a gang who are wanting to start their fitness journey?
I first started by joining the gym and doing the group fitness classes. I found a few that I enjoyed and could follow along easily and felt motivated. Having fun is key when it comes to exercising and creating a routine. Figure out what your short term and long term goals are for fitness and then find a style of training that suits your goals, getting a trainer to help during the beginning can be great too, or research and watch tutorials to ensure you have the best form. Another thing is less is sometimes more, don't go in and overwhelm yourself with 20 exercises, keep it simple and functional. Remember to have patience as changes take time!
What does a general day in your life look like?
I have been out of routine for the past two years as when I was creating the dessert ebook I had all-nighters, ate way too much sugar and was too tired to exercise. Then 2020 came and being stuck at home for most of it made routine tricky haha! But fortunately, I have got back into a routine now, almost. Currently, I wake up between 6 am - 9:30 am and shortly after have my typical smoothie. Next, I work on content creation for Instagram or YouTube and get back to any emails. If I have time, I will head to the gym and then have lunch when I get back, have some downtime and then get stuck into editing/planning. Next have some dinner and get to sleep, usually far too late but I’m working on that. On days that I am not creating content, I'll go to the beach or pottery studio to chill out, or catch up with friends.



Do you have an all time fav recipe?
My all time favourite recipe has to be my chocolate chip cookies or lava cake from my dessert ebook, or my good old açai bowl recipe.
What’s in store for the rest of 2020?
I’m hoping the border situations change so I can spend the remainder of the year with my family. Aside from that I am currently focusing on some secret cooking and business projects which is exciting!
Fav Lahana style?
The Blair crop top is seriously so comfortable and fits perfectly! I also love the Lahana Swim collections and have a few pieces. The colours, patterns and shapes are so flattering and pretty!
Lastly, what’s something you learned during iso?
To be completely honest I didn’t learn anything specific, but once iso wasn’t so strict, I did get stuck into learning pottery which I find so fun!

Much love Tess!

Thanks for sharing x

Lovers, untameher.

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