A Guide To Finding The Right Bikini For Your Body | LAHANASWIM

by Kunti Benson October 22, 2019 10 min read

A Guide To Finding The Right Bikini For Your Body  | LAHANASWIM

You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are fearless.

We believe all people should feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

Every Lahana babe is unique and we want you to celebrate in all that makes you, you. Confidence starts at self-acceptance. By focusing on yourself & your personal expression, your self-love will, in turn, multiply. So wear what makes you feel good!

Over time societal standards have been warped and we have been led to believe that whatever drastic measures we take, we won’t ever be quite right the way we are and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

How is one supposed to turn a blind eye to the newest beauty trend or the latest crash diet when it's plastered everywhere to make us feel incomplete.
Pear-shaped, Hourglass, Apple-shaped, inverted triangle, whatever you’re classed as, you are whole and you are beautiful, as you are.

Your body shape, however big or small should not equate to how happy or free you feel. Next time you’re in the market for a fierce new bikini, pause for a moment and channel into what makes YOU feel good.

Rather than trying to fit into a preconceived notion of what you can and can’t wear, we want the starting point to be this: Everybody is a body that should be loved and cared for. Everybody is a bikini body. Whatever you feel good in, go and work it like the fierce wild beauty that you are.

In the hopes of helping you to find the perfect swim, we’ve developed a new bikini guide that we hope you’ll love.

" The journey to body love, for me, has been so special. Upon realising it didn't have to be about excessive diets & exercise, it all started to flow. Moving my body without pushing it, doing different classes & participating in anything that felt right at the time became the aim of the game. My whole mindset and thought pattern shifted. I started to discover things about myself that I loved instead of focusing on all I wanted to change, which felt refreshing!
My advise to all the ladies out there is to set small daily goals and to practice positive affirmations! Be kind to yourself and never compare your growth to that of others".

A Few Words From Ramana Benson (Co-Founder)

Traditional body types

To get a better idea of the bikinis that might work best for you, we'll start with an overview of the different traditionally-defined body types.
These body types include:

  • Pear or Triangle - Narrower shoulders than chest & hips
  • Strawberry or Inverted triangle - Broader shoulders with narrower hips
  • Column or Rectangle - Shoulder, waist, and hip measurements are about equal
  • Hourglass - Breasts and hips about equal with a thinner waist
  • Apple or Diamond - Broader hips with fuller waists, narrower busts, and narrower shoulders

It is important to remember that all body types are beautiful. No matter which general category you might fit into.

The best bikinis for different body features

Different styles will accentuate your unique body features because if you’ve got it, show it to the world, loud and proud baby.

We’re all about highlighting those features, falling in love with the quirks & reframing anything you’ve been lead to believe are flaws. We hope this guide helps you finding your perfect fit!

Small Bust

If you have a smaller bust, you could opt for a pair of kinis which has a focal point or centrepiece. A bikini that features an o-ring, a cute tie-up or any other embellishments will accentuate your bust, giving you that extra spice. If you’re part of the itty-titty committee & you’re looking for a bit of extra boost, opt for a bikini that’ll give you a lil extra padding. Because there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra help!

For the O-ring, we suggest the ‘Jean’ from the Viola rang and the ‘Charlie’ from the Jagger & Stone range. If you’re more of a tie bow girl and want that extra padding, the ‘Hendrix’ ticks both of those boxes.

Big Bust

If you have a larger bust, you will want to feel held, supported & radiant in your skin!We recommend opting for supportive, adjustable straps for comfort and additional support for the honeys.This will, in turn, flatter that bod because we want our busty babes to feel as good as they look.

A bikini that has elastic or underwire in the bust and wider straps is where you are going to find additional support. Whether you are looking for a bikini that doesn’t cut in, extra support or a tad more coverage, there are so many amazing cuts that work on bigger busts in our collection.

The ‘Helena’ and the ‘Sylvie’ (launching Nov, pictured above) are two cuts that offer underwire support and a generous panelled cup size for shape. If you are looking for straps that don’t cut in, we recommend going with a seamless style. Or if one piece is your vibe, try the Penelope or the Omala.


Strong Broad Shoulders

A way to harmonise the curves and shapes of the body is to wear a thin strap bikini up top and thicker side bottoms down low. The Luna is the perfect combo of these two design elements. Choose a solid colour over a print to make it sleek, balanced and minimal. If that's not your vibe, our statement designs go hand in hand with the girls who are blessed with broader shoulders. We suggest bold and colourful pieces for accentuation, to show the world what you got. If that's your vibe, go with one of the many leopard animal prints we have in our minimal range.

Small Booty

If you have a smaller, slimmer butt, and you love what your Mumma gave you but want to enhance what you got, there's no need for Facetune queens! We have options to make you feel a whole lot peachier. Choose a bikini bottom with a loud print or bright colour that has ruching. The Simba, Alfi, are ruched cuts with the option for prints or bright tones. If you're looking for top-selling prints, we recommend the Jose, Cheetah or the Rose Charlie.

Less is more in your case our slim booty queens. Opt for a cheekier cut with less coverage. You know L.S have an ample supply of those. We highly recommend the Amara, Birdie or Los Roques bottom, its those adjustable sides and slidable front and back that will help you to create the shape you desire.

Petite or Athletic Body

If you are petite or have an athletic build, you're either a strong bodied queenie or cute little pocket rocket! Either way, we got you.
Here's some suggestions to help you work with the curves of the body and create shapes and lines in all the right places.

If some soft curves are what you're after, a bikini top that has cups with gathering or padding can help to add subtle lines to the body. If you're looking something more basic with a stronger cut to show off the fierceness of your bod, then the 'Luna' is perfect in bold bright block colour.

Big Booty or Full Thighs

If you have big, full or voluptuous butt, then we have both options for you to show it off in all its glory or shape it with more coverage option bottoms. If you’re swaying more towards the more coverage side of things, then go with a solid colour on the bottom and print on top to create symmetry. Add in thick non-cut sides will slide along your body and create shape in all the right places. The Hendrix and the Viola bottoms tick all these boxes and will have you looking like the divine creature you are.

If you don’t mind a little cheek, then the Amara tie bottom sides and Los Roques bottoms are two options that give you a little freedom to play. Wear them as cheeky as you like, the higher on the hip you sit them, the cheekier they will be.

Love Handles

"My definition of “body positivity” is more than just a social movement. It’s waking up every day and accepting my body as it is. It’s feeling happy and healthy and recognising the importance of self care. Everyday, I make sure I look in the mirror and smile, because once you love yourself, everything else follows "

Christina Louise Maimone - Body Positive Model

Learn to love those love handles! We have a wide range of options for you to choose from that will compliment your natural shape. Opt for thick sides bottoms, seamless or high-waisted to elongate your shape and eliminate the dig in on the sides.

The Viola range has two great thick sides options, the Jean and the Viola. In the Josefine Collection we have the Florence bottoms, which are seamless and thick cut. In the Jagger & Stone Collection we have the Jameson bottoms and Charlie bottoms in Rose and Leopard, that sit right up on the waist and are all about that length!

Also queens, watch out for the 'Slyvie' high waisted bottoms launching November.

Short Torso

Low rise bikinis look absolutely fire on the babes with smaller torsos!

Just like the smaller busted girls, we recommend our range with cute centrepieces or even a halter neck top to draw the eye upwards and elongate your shape!

The Hennesy triangle bikini is also a perfect option...offering adjustable tie sides, thus allowing you to tailor where and how the bottoms sit.


So god gave you curves! We love that for you. If you’re a voluptuous honey, try some thicker sides or perhaps some Bikinis with more support. Wide straps are less likely to cut into your sides and will sit on those curves to perfection. We want you to feel radiant in your own skin, here are a few options to get you started on the hunt for the perfect swim!

We recommend the Helena if you're looking for more support and thicker sides on the bottoms. The top has an underwire bust and panelling through the boob. If you're looking for a full piece, Penelope and the Bambi are both great options to elongate the legs, whilst offering more coverage on that fab bod.

If you're looking for non-cut sides and just a tad more coverage, but you still love to keep it cheeky, then the Luna and Amara will be your favourite GF this summer!

Short Legs

If you’re a cute little button with legs of the shorter variety, look for a bikini bottom that features a higher cut because who doesn’t love a high rise kini! We love a high waist and by showing more skin, your legs will look longer. Pretty much all our bikini bottoms are made to either wear on the hips or high above the hips to create that illusion of more length.

If you're looking for a full piece over a bikini, then the Pammy and Penelope are both high cut on the leg and a little cheeky on the butt.


" I love that my body is able to grow another little human. It’s so magical so feel her movements and see her growing each day. I feel so honoured and grateful for this "

Laura Goulart Pinheiro - Body Positive Model

When it comes to being pregnant, we love to see Mum’s-to-be rockin their bump in a bikini with pride! Wearing a bikini offers no restriction on your belly. You will be able to have more room to move around whilst having a growing belly.

String bikinis in particular are adjustable, so they work well when you’re pregnant. Go for styles such as the Amara, the Los Roques and the Birdie to adjust as you grow.



No matter what shape or size you are, the beautiful dimples of cellulite can grace the surface and texture of your skin. It’s totally normal and totally beautiful! We aren't about hiding any parts of us that make us who we are. Rather we are about encouraging you to feel confident and whole in your body.

So where a bottom that just makes you feel powerful in your skin, embrace the dimples baby!


Scars just like cellulite are the marks of being human, of living within the space and experience of the body. While we encourage all our babes to be loud and proud, we also understand that you have your down days or just days where you don’t feel like showing your whole self to the world. And that is perfectly ok, we have all been there!

On those days you want to lay low, then style your swim with our Leopard wrap or grab your full piece instead of your bikini. Remember, just do you no matter what that looks or feels like.


Burns Easily

If you burn easily, you want to protect that beautiful skin. Pair your Lahana Bikini with your favourite SPF sunscreen, bucket hat and Lahana wrap to cover your shoulders in the midday heat. If you're looking for more coverage to protect the skin, then go for full piece coverage in the Pammy, Penelope, Omala or Bambi.

Be Bold Babes

We are all built uniquely, with different shapes, lumps and bumps. Lahana's goal is to make people feel their most confident and radiant selfs. There is no reason for you to think that you can’t rock a cheeky bikini with confidence, we all have our insecurities, but by embracing them and living life to the fullest we encourage others to do the same.

"Since having a baby, my body has gone from small to big and back to petite again. Throughout that process of change, I reinforced the message of wholeness and inner lover religiously.
Our bodies are constantly evolving. Learning to love that transformation sends a powerful message to the world "

Vrindy Benson - Co-founder

We aren’t about boring swimsuits or restricting how our girls wear their swim... rather giving simple advice to help them feel their best.

By choosing bikinis to enhance all the beautiful attributes of the self, whilst working with what our Mummas gave us, we can look our most fierce whilst enjoying those rays.

Every Body Is A Bikini Body!

We are who we surround ourselves with and the Lahana tribe is all about surrounding ourselves with people who encourage and elevate us to be our best selves and to love the skin we are in.
So get inspired and remember that no matter what your body shape is, it's a body that is deserving of a bikini!

As Lahana grows and expands as a company we aim to expand our size range. Just like our individual selfs, Lahana's collective self still has room to expand to be more inclusive, more diverse & more focused on what our queens need and want! We can't wait to grow alongside our fierce community of girls!

Move with confidence in the body that was given to you. You won't regret it, we promise!


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