Meet head photographer: Troy Freyee

by Kunti Benson February 11, 2021 4 min read

Meet head photographer: Troy Freyee

Troy has been such a magical addition to our team. We first bonded over similar tree-hugging upbringings, strong core values and just a genuine love for life. That was two years back now, and life has never been sweeter. We feel blessed to have him apart of the Lahana family, bringing his unique dose of creativity into our Swim and Active shoots. Troy brings a certain element that is just his, a perspective that adds depth and spice and all things nice to every shoot.

Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting Troy knows how much of a beautiful soul he is. His kind nature is magnetic, with giggles and good chats always a given. He is a rising star in the world of Photography and continues to light up the world with not only his work but his sincere nature.

It's a pleasure that we now get to share just a small slice of Troy Freyee here with you today. With no further adieu, let's get to know Troy:



Where do we start with the man behind the magic?

We were so fortunate to meet Troy at a Jagger & Stone event a couple years ago. We all right away clicked, connecting over a similar upbringing and love for life!

We knew this man needed to be in our lives personally and professionally. He came to work for Lahana pretty soon after. We are so blessed to have someone that is willing to work hard for the vision of the label.



Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Lahana?

Hmmm, where to start, I’m a photographer and have been for approx 7-8 years. I grew up in a permaculture village on the Sunshine Coast. I am one that loves life and am a go with the flow kinda person. If you meet me, you will always be greeted with a smile.

I'm a content creator for Lahana, My role as head of creative content ranges from helping with Instagram to campaigns shoots for Swim and Active.

What inspired you/led you to work as a photographer?  

I was working the typical 9 - 5 job & felt there was more to life, I had that itch… I didn’t know what it was… then I realised I’m that dude always taking photos of friends etc so I brought a small shitty camera off eBay and then the rest is history, everything just started falling into place and I knew I was on the right path.



What advice would you give to someone looking to be a photographer? 

Firstly I would say go buy a camera and don't expect to know what you are doing straight away, it takes time to work it all out... which surprised me because I thought I could do it straight away... and do as many photoshoots as possible. be a YES person and don't compare yourself to anyone...

Any professional tips you have for getting clients/brands onboard?

If you are starting out I would suggest contacting brands and seeing if they want to collaborate on a few creative photoshoots to start with. This helps to get yourself known in the industry and gives you more experience. Once again be a YES person. Go to all the networking events... make yourself known. Submit your work to as many magazines as you can think of. Just put yourself out there no matter how hard it is.



What makes your job exciting? And what a keeps you inspired?

The people I get to meet, the creatives I get to work with... it's literally exciting 24/7. I stay inspired by mood boarding often and connecting with fellow creative friends.

What are some things you do to maintain your work/life balance?

To be honest, I'm not very good at this, I get pretty busy and forget to look after myself sometimes, this crazy time with all this COVID stuff made me realise how important it is to take some time out for myself and how important it is to stop and recharge. Do more exercise, read more books, take more me time. So from now on my aim is to do this better.



Who are your role models or people you are inspired by? 

In no particular order. Ainsley Hutchence (bff and owner of Sticks and stones agency), Jason lee parry, Brydie mack (wolfcubwolfcub) Cameron Hammond, Rogier Alexander, Puriene, the people I get to work with and many more.

Is it hard working with clients that have a different style to your own? How do you overcome those challenges?

Yes, this can be very challenging but i do LOVE a challenge. Although if a client wants me to do something i completely don't agree with I will talk and develop another option with them. This also doesn't happen too often as most clients come to me for my aesthetic and we mash my vibe with there's to make it special to that brand.



What's essential for you in a work environment to keep you happy and fulfilled? 

Good vibes! positive attitudes! I love yes people. I love to keep busy and love doing things with a purpose.

Tell us your favourite current Lahana Style, and why?

My all-time fave Lahana style would be the all the leopard in the minimal range it's such a vibe... probs the most flattering print on a bikini I have ever seen - you need to make men's boardies with that print, unfortunately, the bikinis don't fit me too well haha.


You can find Troy's work @freyeephoto

or on his website

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