Northern NSW Flood disaster

by Evie Hudson March 08, 2022 1 min read

Northern NSW Flood disaster

Our community of the Northern NSW, Australia have been hit with the worst flood ever recorded.

Most people didn’t have time to escape their homes before the water came rushing in. They are without power, drinking water, food and fuel and many were isolated for days without help.

So many lives have been lost during this traumatising disaster and many bodies are still yet to be discovered.

During this devastating time the strength of our community has really shone through. Everyday people are risking their own lives to rescue people from the roofs of their home via boat and helicopter and hiking for hours through unrecognisable bush terrain to deliver items to isolated people.

But the community that have already lost so much cannot keep funding the recovery themselves.

We recommend GIVIT, an Australian organisation that donates 100% of money to the affected areas without taking a cut. The money received is used to purchase essential items for people affected by floods in Queensland and New South Wales. They give you the option to donate your time, money or items.

Head to for more info.

If you are in a position to donate, our community would be forever grateful.

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