Q&A with Naturopath Tia Miers

by Evie Hudson October 21, 2021 3 min read

Q&A with Naturopath Tia Miers

Gold Coast based Naturopath and owner of the Whole Health Studio, Tia Miers took over our Instagram for a Q&A lockdown series on all things health and wellness. Tia is well known in the industry for her work focusing on women's health, fertility, period pain and hormonal imbalances.

What to do and what supplements to take when coming off the pill after been on it for years?

It is really important to do prepwork when transitioning off the pill especially if you have been taking it for a number of years. I recommend taking my BALANCE hormone support product, which is a combination of both dried herbs and nutrients. It helps to restore balance back to the reproduction system. This combination is designed to help build up progesterone levels, helping to reduce PMS and any symptoms prior to our period. This one comes in a powdered form so you can either just mix in with water or add to smoothies. Im not going to lie, it does not taste like a lolly but this product gets amazing results.

Why do we get painful periods?

Painful periods are usually a sign that your body has an increased level of an imflammatory marker called prostaglandins, which bind to the bodies smooth muscle. You uterus is made up of smooth muscle, so as you come into period time your uterus is having to contract to shed the lining but also release an egg that has not been fertilised. So if there is no blood flow because the prostaglandins are blocking it, it often makes the period extremely crampy and very painful.

Herbs to support the bodies stress response?

Some of my favourite herbs to help with stress is Withania, Passionflower and Lavender, which are amazing for the bodies stress response, helping to calm the nervous system and reduce fight or flight.

Best way to consume herbs?

My favourite way to consume herbs is through liquid form as they are more bioavailable for your digestive system so you are going to get much faster results from them. You consume them by measuring out your dose that you have been put on by yourpractitioner, making sure you dilute it with water as they are very potent.

What are some tips to reduce anxiety and panic attacks?

Book in with a qualified psychologist and start meditating. Psychology is an amazing modality to understand who you are as a person and the differing belief systems that could be contributing to your anxiety. I would also suggest getting started on my CALM nervous system support, which has herbs that support and reduce the bodies fight or flight and stress response.

Tips for upcoming naturopaths?

Make sure you make uni a priority, put it before you put work. Ensure that you attend all of your classes and make sure that you are listening, I know sometimes content at uni can feel dry but I can ensure you when you hit clinical practice its so imperative to obtain all that knowledge that you have in your lectures. I would also suggest getting an internship or working as a receptionist at a health clinic. This is something I personally did when I was in my third year and I feel as though it taught me so many skills and really allowed me to mould into thepractitioner that I am today.

Tips for reducing chronic fatigue?

Identity what helps you recharge. Ensure that you are getting adequate rest and that you are doing the things that help you recharge frequently throughout your week. So it might be something as simple as going for a sauna or ocean swim. In regards to supplements, I would definitely recommend getting started on my ADRENAL energy support. This one here is a herbal and nutritional combination that helps to support your bodies adrenals and helps to enhance your bodies energy production.

You can find out more and book an appointment with Tia here

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