Top 6 Switches To Make In Your Active Routine

by Evie Hudson September 16, 2021 2 min read

Top 6 Switches To Make In Your Active Routine

We've called it, here are our top six switches to make in your daily active routine as voted by the Lahana fam. From protein powders to deodorant, it's time to make the switch.



Its 2021 queen! The biggest switch you can make this year is from single-use plastic water bottles to a pretty lil reusable bottle like this one from Frank Green. The perfect bottle for your morning workout that's BPA free, environmentally sustainable, completely recyclable and oh so cute.


2. NATURAL Sunscreen

Heading out for your morning walk? Switch to natural sunscreen! One sunscreen that the Lahana fam have been loving lately is from The Kind Sunscreen.

Containing only 9 ingredients, vegan friendly, SPF 30 and Australian made it contains no nasty chemicals that can directly enter the bloodstream like regular sunscreens. To make it even better, it is reef and ocean friendly, so jump into that ocean bby!


3. NATURAL Pre-workout

Before that early morning workout, switch that pre-workout full of artificial nasties and synthetic stimulants for a natural pre-workout blend with Naked Harvest. Or for a more whole foods approach, opt for a classic PB and banana oatmeal. This combo offers an amaaazin source of magnesium, protein and potassium which is the perfect energy source before the gym.

4. CLEAN Protein powder

Have you ever had a look at what's inside your protein powder? A lot of protein powders are full of synthetic ingredients, sweeteners and well, words we just can't even pronounce. We came across protein powders from Amazonia and Nutra Organics that are plant-based formulas, made from sprouted and fermented protein loaded with minerals, probiotics, amino acids and vitamins. Time to switch up your post-workout smoothie with these jam-packed proteins!


5. deodorant

Parabens are found in most commercial deodorants and have been associated with disrupting the endocrine system. Make the switch to a natural deodorant before you get yo' sweat on with brands like Black Chicken and Kindly. These alternatives don't contain any nasty toxic chemicals like conventional deodorants that are full of fillers and hardeners.


6.sustainable yoga mats

Did you know that common yoga mats are made using cheap and synthetic materials that cannot be recycled? Switch to a more sustainable option this year with Meraki Mats. Made using 100% sustainably harvested cork oak, these pretty lil things are created without cutting down trees or use any harsh chemicals or toxins in the production process.

There we have it! Our current top six switches you can make in your everyday active routine. Better for you and the planet bby x x

Lovers, untameher.

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