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Our current muse: Bianca Melas is an accredited Pilates instructor, health & wellbeing advocate, content creator, brand ambassador and model…There’s not a lot Bianca can’t do!

Whenever you are feeling uninspired, take a geez at Bianca’s IG and you’ll be forced to jump into some activewear, tie your hair up and get moving. This girl is the queen of all things health and wellness.

Sydney based, Bianca spends her time teaching Pilates, modelling and studying Naturopathy.
We sat down with Queen B to talk about her healthy and active approach to life!

With her strong desire to help people feel good within themselves and happy in their skin, Bianca teaches pilates across a range of studios in Sydney. Just this year, she also launched her very own website Balanced by Biancawhich hosts a range of online Pilates classes and wellness content. Why do you think it is so important to connect your body and mind through pilates?

It is so important to have a mind body connection, it brings a whole new awareness and appreciation for your body. I want people to feel good about themself, to be comfortable in their own skin and to love and accept themselves for who they are. Learning to be kinder to ourselves to help find that inner peace is what will truly allow you to transform and grow. It isn’t about obsessing over the number on the scales, or what dress size you might be, but rather the measure of happiness from within that will greatly impact the view we have on ourselves and the way we present to the world. My favourite quote, ‘when things change inside you, things change around you’ embodies just this.

How did you see COVID affect your business? Did you see an increase in online subscriptions to your pilates class? What is the one thing you had learned throughout COVID?

My business began because of COVID!! It was truly my silver lining! I began teaching LIVE classes via zoom, promoting it through my instagram and began to build a following of amazing people from not only Australia but also in Italy, London, France and New Zealand. With the end of lock down approaching (for Sydney) I had so many ask if I would continue and so my online pilates platform began! I have always dreamed of having my own studio and space where I can combine both my love of naturopathy and pilates into one and this was the perfect opportunity to start.

Bianca's message is to ‘empower you to connect with yourself through pilates and educating yourself on a more holistic wellbeing approach to life’. Why is it so important to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Your health is so important!! I truly believe in the quote, ‘your health is wealth’!! Life is so precious and so having a healthy lifestyle to support your body and mind is so important. When you feel good internally it is expressed externally in everything you do! I always thank my body for being able to move the way it does and have so much gratitude for this! I know this isnt always the case with others, especially those who may be faced with health challenges so I think we should never take our health for granted!

Bianca wear the Lilac Tyler Crop and Archer Bike Short.

You are also in the middle of completing your final year of bachelor of health science (naturopathy) . We are also so obsessed with your blog full of healthy and wholesome recipes and tips! What are your daily food rituals you fuel yourself with?

I honestly enjoy eating a wholesome diet! However I also believe in a balanced diet - food is to be enjoyed! I totally love cooking and preparing meals - I can thank my italian heritage for this!! I try to always ensure I am eating a variety of vegetables which helps create a healthy gut flora as well as including healthy fats, protein and fibre into each meal. I also make sure I drink enough water throughout the day! I usually carry around a big bottle with me everyday!

Worked for amazing brands such as nike and rebel sport, calvin klein, russh, why do you think it is so important to use social media as a tool to portray important and wholesome messages?

I think it is so important to be authentic across social media and so through this I have shared my passions and beliefs on a healthy wholesome lifestyle! It has been so much fun working with brands that align with my beliefs and allow me to showcase my passion for movement and a healthy lifestyle.


Everything you do is done in a holistic way, What is your go-to morning routine?

Most mornings I teach at 6.00am so it's a pretty early start!! My alarm goes off at 5.20am and I zip out the door after applying my morning skin routine! On the days I don’t have to get up as early I love starting my day with either a coastal walk with my boyfriend or by attending a pilates class! Movement always makes me feel better and really allows me to set the tone for the day. This is usually followed by a morning coffee or hot bulletproof cacao and some time to sit in the sun and reflect on things I am most grateful for. I keep a log of this in my diary daily. It is amazing how through gratitude we can switch our mindset and focus on the good things in life!


Looking across your Instagram, you are absolutely glowing, what is your skin care routine?

I believe beauty really does start from within, especially from the gut!! So I have been religiously taking my beauty chef probiotics and adaptogen tincture everyday as well as a Vitamin C and Zinc supplement. When it comes to my skin care routine I keep it simple! My skin is super sensitive so I tend to only use the bare minimum products like La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Demallergo serum and moisturiser and an oil cleaner in the evening!


We love your ethos and the messages you portray across your blog and instagram, how do you wake up and feel motivated?

I stay motivated by thinking about how far I have come and picturing my vision and dream! Some days are definitely tougher than others to stay motivated but if I am feeling this way the best way to beat the funk is usually by spending some time in nature, I love going for an ocean dip! Or by moving my body!! I also usually plan my week in my diary and have a list of things I need to get through.

What are your simple tricks and tips to stay centred?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of everyday life! I know myself I can get more into my head then in my body…. I find that through Pilates I can reground myself and find my calm. I also live by the ocean and really enjoy a dip to refresh myself. Another trick I use to stay grounded is through essential oils! I use these religiously and they instantly calm and ground me. Oh and also through breathwork - this in itself is totally transformative and really helps to bring me back to my parasympathetic nervous system state (also known as your rest and digest state).


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Thanks so much for sharing Bianca, much love xx


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