Wellness: Workshop

by Evie Hudson September 16, 2021 3 min read

Wellness: Workshop

Our local L.A babes had the chance to connect with like minded women at our Wellness Workshop. We were able to have some really raw and honest conversations that helped us collectively grable with some of the big topics with deal with on a daily basis as human. These topics ranged from body image, self confidence, sex education to stress and mental illness. Held at the Gold Coast studio, with a two panels full of diverse experiences and life lived wisdom.The audience was open, engaged and receptive to hearing about our two overarching topics wellness and body positivity.
A huge thank you to our key speakers! Troy Freyee, Cat Hennesy, Sarah Callaghan from the Body Method, Allie Cameron from Hara the label, Ellie Bullen, Hunna and Kat from Totum Naturopathy, Felicity Evans from Imbibe, Mikayla Klewer & Ebony Shield.The panellist touched on the harm of IG filters to periods and everything in between, read on for our key takeaways from the workshop!


In our day and age unfortunately there is a connotation to see your business or work as a value of your success or self worth. So often do we catch ourselves answering answering 'how are you' with 'I'm so busy'. Our worth is so much more than our blocked our schedules and busy work days.

Let's aim to reverse this connotation, as it glorifies an act that is unhealthy and throughs our life out of balance. We can not be truly well if we are busy, we need soft times, rest time, a chance for our nervous system to slow and recover. What if a value was places in balance and rest? in freedom and spending time doing what you love?

Prioritise and nourish yourself in your quiet time. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

Next time someone ask how you are, focus your answer on what's filling your cup, not emptying it.



Panelist Cat Henesey asked the audience to raise their hands if they had ever edited their images or used a filter on Instagram or Snapchat or edited there body in some way, shape or form. Almost everyone in the audience raised their hand. Even a filter on Ig stories is still altering or distorting our natural selves, making the perceiver view a reality that is not actually you. No wonder we have such issues loving ourselves when we are constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic versions of others on social media.

Let's change the agenda and aim to stop using or even cut back on over editing or filtering versions of ourselves. The real and raw you is just as worthy and beautiful as the filtered version of yourself. It's unrealistic to hold yourself and others to standards that augmented and distorted. The more we show how lines, scars, lumps and bumps the more we individually and collectively can come to love them!




We got some powerful wisdom shared from our wellness panelist, with some key takeaways spoken from Totum Naturopathygirls. The girls pointed out some indicators of where you might see signs that your health and wellness need a little more attention and care. Drastically putting on weight and losing weight, missed periods, bloating and acne are some indicators something internally or externally, or a bit of both needs addressing.

They also placed stress and anxiety as a major catalyst to health issues. Understanding the link between of our internal emotional and stress response and outer external body was key to addressing wellness from a wholistic approach.

We highly recommend booking in for a session with these knowledgeable and passionate naturopaths.



Imbibe owner, Felicity Evans spoke like an angel and gave us some great, take home advice to implement into our self care practise. A busy mum of three, with new babe waiting with her husband in the audience, Felicity spoke from a place of true investigation and integrity.

Felicity went on to explain to us how just 10 seconds is all you need for some self care (when you do it mindfully). If that's all you manage in your day, 10 seconds of taking an intentional moment to breath deep, sit quietly or take space, then nourish in those 10 seconds.

A practical self care practice that she recommend was trying box breathing, a breathing method that focuses on reducing anxiety and stress. Breathing in and out through one side of the nose, while blocking the other and then switching.Focusing on breath and movement can be a powerful mindful technique to reset and give you a clear vision moving forward into your day.


Lovers, untameher.

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