by Kunti Benson July 12, 2021 4 min read

We are in the midst of colder, longer winter days. Where the sunsets early and the bed is exceptionally cosy in the mornings. This can sometimes make it challenging to find the motivation for your self-care routine. One thing that is as equal, if not more important, is our skincare routine in winter.

The Lahana team have put together their favourite tips for ensuring you still get that winter glow. The best thing: They’re easy to implement in your daily routine and inexpensive! Trust us, You will be thanking us later.



1. Morning face oil with Gua Sha and Jade roller

With winter comes the drier weather, a great way to counteract this is with a natural face oil. Don’t be fooled by the name; face oil does not make excess oil. Instead, it balances and regulates the oil that your skin naturally processes. Kunti, our Marketing Manager, starts her day with a natural face oil and uses a Gua Sha and Jade Roller to remove excess puffiness from her face.



2. SPF

A MUST in everyone’s skincare routine! SPF is as important in Winter as it is in Summer! We recommend popping a 10c size squirt of a lightweight face sunscreen on every day. Sunscreen has numerous benefits for your face in Winter. Not only does it prevent dangerous cancers, but it also helps with anti-aging, blocking harmful rays to your face.



3. Body Moisturiser

One of the joys of winter is being able to rug up in warm layers. Keeping our skin warm is not only self-care we need during these drier and colder months. Keeping our skin hydrated from the inside and out helps to make us feel glowing and radiant. An all-over daily moisturise before you layer up will keep you feeling baby soft all winter long.

We also love dry brushing when we have the time. All you need is 10 minutes, an inexpensive dry brush and a YouTube search of ‘lymphatic drainage with a dry brush’. Lara, our Logistics Coordinator, loves the Grown Alchemist range and swears by this every morning. Taking the time to get in tune with your body while applying moisturiser is a great way to connect with your inner feminine energy.


Grown Alchemist Body Cream, & Body Oil


4. Lip Balm 

Say goodbye to the flaky, chapped winter lips! A team favourite is Hurraw lip balm. Everyone in the office has at least one of these on standby at all times, you never know when you might require kissable lips.



5. Natural Face Tan

Nothing better than a natural winter ‘glow’. A suntan for the face can have some severe consequences, so we always recommend using a natural face tanner that is lightweight and made of natural ingredients. Our Content Coordinator Evie loves the Three Warriors face Tan mist.



6. Keeping Hydrated

An oldie, but a goodie is finding new ways in winter to drink water. Our Socials Coordinator, Gemma, has the perfect life hack! She loves cutting up a lemon at the start of the week, and before she goes to bed each night squeezes a slice into her drink bottle so she can roll out of bed and head to pilates without thinking twice about it.

We also love a soda stream (a must-have)! An incredible little recipe for health and wellbeing is to mix some Imbibe beauty Renewal, soda water, a squeeze of lime and some ice cubes. Seriously tastes like a healthy cocktail!



7. Winter Dermatitis flare-up

If you are prone to a dermatitis flare up during winter, we have a hot tip to share. Our in house naturopath, Lara recommends a daily probiotic to ease and soothe inflammation in the body. We also advise staying away from inflammatory foods such as roasted peanut butter. Turmeric is also great at easing inflammation, we love a Tumeric latte for a warming drink in the morning.


8. Book in for a facial

If you ever need a little pick me up or skin reset there is nothing better than booking in for a facial with an expert to give your skin some TLC!


Our local favourites are:

The Facialist 

Skin Divinity 

Skin Forum 



We hope these tips help to keep you feeling nourished and cared for. Glowing during these colder and drier months takes a little more energy, but the reward is so worth it. Try and work one or two of these into your daily or weekly self-care routine and you feel the difference.

Keep glowing bright out there lovers.

x x

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