by Evie Hudson September 16, 2021 1 min read


The Lahana team are focusing on 'mindul eating' this winter. Shorter, colder days call for comfort food! Instead of snacking the Lahana girls are implementing a breakfast smoothie to fill up on healthy, nutritional food so our cravings don't lead us astray! The best thing: It takes 2 minutes and tastes like chocolate.


1. half a frozen banana

2. handful of frozen blueberries

3. A scoop of avo

4. handful fresh spinach

5. 1/2 cup of oat milk

6. Flavour free or chocolate flavoured collagen

7. Teaspoon of Maca powder

8. Teaspoon of chia seeds

9. Teaspoon of hemp seeds

10. Teaspoon of reishi powder

11. Tablesoon of cacao powder

12. Tablespoon of Natural nut butter (we love peanut butter)

13. Teaspoon of bee pollen

14. Tablespoon of vanilla hemp protein ( our favourite is this one with hidden greens by Nutra Organics)

**** HOT TIP ****

Rather than getting out all of your supplements each morning we prefer to make one bulk container each week so there is only one container of supplements each morning! We also find drinking this with a straw really helps too!


Lovers, untameher.

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