Celebrating Women In Business

by Kunti Benson October 01, 2020 3 min read

Celebrating Women In Business


There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than being in a room full of badass boss babes and listening to their journey to success.

Lahanas motive is to empower women all around the globe to realise and reach their full potential. Whether you're just starting out on your career journey and are well established in your career, our intent is a message of self belief.


Welcoming Founder Rikki From Skin Forum

Digital Creators Tegan Phillipa & Lauren Bullen

Lahana Founders, Kunti, Vrindy & Ramana Benson


On the 24th of September we held a lunch in celebration of our fav female entrepreneurs who run successful businesses in and around the Gold Coast. The lunch was an opportunity to share their unique stories to success and to honor their hard work in achieving their goals.

The 'Women in Business' lunch was held at The Tropics restaurant, seaside in Burleigh Heads.

We were sooo excited to meet up and chat about this crazy Covid time and how it has affected business practices. We spoke about the difficulty of work life balance with children, how Instagram has supported and grown so many businesses and the importance of connection. It was so inspiring to hear each individual experience and how adaptable these women lead businesses have been during this crazy year we are calling 2020.



Guests Isabelle Quinn, Amy, Emilee and Tammy Hembrow & Lauren Bullen

Photographer Carlene (Studio Flamingo)


While sipping on champagne and eating a delish gluten free and vegan menu guests chatted about the changes in the past 6 months and how their businesses have been affected.

With a range of boss babes from E-Commerce store owners such as Saski collection, YCL Jewels, Cendre, Seaka Boo and much more, to service based clinics such as The Skin Forum and SSkin Aus to photographers and creatives such as Carlene Rashcke and lifestyle bloggers such as Tegan Phillipa and Lauren Bullen each and every girl had their own story of the WHY behind their businesses and the bumps in the road on their way there.

There were many things that these businesses had in common, but the most potent thread that connected them all there was a unique presence and ability to conquer their sector by staying true to themselves. Their brand is their stand, and we couldn't find that more inspiring.


Founder of 'I love linen' Lauren

Jaggar and Stone Co-Founder Nikki Wescott

Rose & Vanessa From Nine Lives Bazaar

The most empowering thing everyone took from the lunch is how important it is to lift up and inspire your fellow female led business owners! Instead of looking at another business owner as a competitor we wanted to change the game and focus on support in the female led business community.

Sharing knowledge is powerful, being vulnerable is powerful, being supportive is powerful. Lahana admires each and every brand/business owner that showed up, was real about the up and downs of business and offered real life experience that we connected to.


Founder of 'Seaka Boo' Anukula Durr

Cendre Jewellery Founder Ashleigh Kelly

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