Behind The Collection: Halo Orbit

by Evie Hudson September 16, 2021 2 min read

Behind The Collection: Halo Orbit

It all started with the mood board.

Halo Orbit was designed during Spring time so this really influenced the mood of the collection such as spring flowers, organic shapes, fresh and cool tones and all things pastel.

We then looked at hundreds of colour schemes and prints that reflect the vibe of the mood board, think baby blues, sage green, unique and bold prints that are made to stand out amongst the crowd.


Sketch sketch sketch!

The girl gang really loved our previous Elke crop design so we listened and brought this out in more colours as well as printed styles.

We wanted our crops to be super luxe and ever so different from other brands. We knew our angels wanted something a bit more supportive so our head designer Ramana sketched up what is now known as the "Arlo". This new crop design is oh sooo supportive and made for those tough workouts.

Oh so many samples!

What you don't see are the many samples and designs we trialled beforehand. So much time went into this process, as it does every collection! Our designer created so many styles and looks with different prints to see which best fitted the vibe of the collection. We gathered with the Lahana fam and discussed all the sampled prints, colours and cuts which our designer then decided upon as the final designs, now known as the Halo Orbit collection.

So much time, care and love goes into designing our collections which is something we are so proud of. We hope you loved this little insight into the newest and your most loved collection, Halo Orbit!

Lovers, untameher.

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