Fatale Collection Staff picks & sizing

by Kunti Benson February 24, 2022 3 min read

Fatale Collection Staff picks & sizing

Fatale has been one of the most popular collections amongst the team working in the Lahana HQ. Here are a few of the chicka's and their favourite picks from the collection.

We hope this helps you find something that will suit your shape and size.

Lara Green

Lara is small up top with juicy booty down low. Her picks compliment her shape perfectly, emphasising her curves in all the right places. She loves how the fox bottoms make her already long legs elongated. Just stunning really.

Ramana Benson

Ramana's body is growing and changing as it makes room for her little girl on the way. Her picks reflect and accommodate for that. She has gone with an adjustable triangle top and tie-side bottoms. Both adjustable and comfortable to wear while still keeping it cute.

Kunti Benson

Kunti is short and curvy with a big bust. She loves the Scarlett crop because it is a flattering shape for a DD chest. She loves the Scarlett bottoms for her tanning or cheekier feeling days but will opt for the Billy as it offers slightly more coverage and shapes the body beautifully.

Gemma Lyndon

Gem is petite and athletic with a small bust. The Scarlett has slight ruching through the bust, which gives dimension; she pairs it with the matching bottoms for minimal lines. Gem has picked black as she is a minimal woman that keeps things classy. Gem loves a bandeau, so she has gotten creative and tucked the bra straps in.

Vrindy Benson

Vrindy adores the floral print in this collection; she has one of every cut in it but loves the Scarlett. A dream bikini for Vrindy, high waisted with tie sides and top that is flattering on a smaller bust. Spot Vrindy B loving life beachside in Floral Fatale.

Evie Hudson

Evie is a cutie. Petite, small but curvy. She was drawn to the electric blue tone in the Fox top and bottom. She loves the extra high bottoms and thick sides of Fox bottoms and versatile top options; she can tie it up around the neck to go surfing or at the bust for lying in the sun after.

Brittany Casey

Brit loves a mix & match in both style and tone. The blue with the floral is a cute little pairing that we adore on her. Brit has opted for adjustable top and bottom styles to adjust the fit to make her feel radiant and comfortable in her own skin.

Tahyna De Oliveira

Tahnya gets a lot of the on bodies you see on your insta feeds and stories, so she has a chance to try on every style. Her top pick from the Fatale collection is your classic triangle cut bikini and cute floral, adorable combo on a lovely gal.

The girls in the office currently range from a size 6 to a size 12, each of them unique in their bodies and what style they like to wear to feel sexy and confident.

While this doesn't represent all body types, we hope it's allowed you to see how these styles fit on everyday girls. We all adore and wear our Lahana's endlessly here at the HQ, and we hope you do too!

Keep breaking hearts out there.

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