Lahana is the synergetic force of sisters, of womanly energy cultivated into a brand that breaks hearts and turns heads. Unapologetically bold, with values that are reinforced with both word and action.

Lahana is a mood, a saucy recipe perfected through the test of time and dedication to the messageof empowerment.

We want you to be seen in all your glory, embodied, vibing high, alive in that skin that lives and breathes confidence. Our intentional designs encourage all women to stand to the front, to feel motivated and radiant in their bodies. To walk through life with such unwavering goddess energy so that you encourage others to do the same.



Sustainability and Transparency

 Lahana has made a conscious change to improve upon our carbon footprint, reduce our environmental impact and transparency throughout the processes, research and development of our products.


Empowerment and Integrity

We believe all people should feel empowered in their own skin and we are striving for more realness, more life, more diversity in all its forms throughout our platforms. Representation is essential - curves, stripes, colour, confidence and everything in between.