"We want to be leaders in the shift towards sustainability. While this process takes timeand energy, we can't wait to implement our 2020 goals and beyond to make Lahana evenmore powerful than it already is" 

- Ramana Benson (Co-found & Head Designer)

Creating and introducing recycled fabric into both our swim and actives lines has been a long-term goal for us here at Lahana. On a pre-covid research trip abroad, we got to understand the process and production of the fabric we are creating for Lahana's unique recycled blend. We traced the material right back to the yarn of fibre and watched it be spun into the beautiful fabric your swim is created from.

Our manufacturer and supplier are carefully helping us achieve our set goals, with their detailed knowledge and experience they bring to the table we are able to customise our blend. Alongside our fabric production team, we are researching and developing new sustainable fabrics that are GRM certified (Global Recycle Standard) and specially constructed for optimum quality.

These fabrics now perfected for our swim lines, with all current and future collections made from our sustainable blend.We are beyond excited to be launching all future ranges with this specially created sustainable blend fabric.


The blend stands true to Lahana's integrity and quality of swim, consisting of 27% Elastane & 73% Recycled Nylon.

Our future goals for our fabric production include increasing our percentage of recycled fabric use while maintaining stretch, longevity and comfortability.

While we are yet to perfect our active sustainable blend, rest assured with a deep within the sampling process and are nearly at the stage of bringing into our production line.

We have worked long and hard on this one, making sure the quality is Lahana worthy.Stay tuned as we continue to move towards our sustainable goals.