‘Gone with Viola’ is inspired by the love affair with vintage femininity. Viola sings sweet love songs to women’s heart all around the world, it speaks the language of wild love.

A wild love of self, untamed by the wider world.

The collection plays with soft pastels tones and vintage prints paired with strong, dramatic cuts that show the two very opposite sides one can walk in the journey to self-love.

You can't help but get swept away with the dynamic impact these beauties have on the heart.

The Campaign was shot in the hills of LA in a white and gold-encrusted mansion that embodied that luxe vintage feel of the whole collection.

Mega babe Kellie Stewart was effortlessly dreamy as she swept throughout the property, chasing the sunshine spots throughout until the rays of light dimmed.

The Campaign was shot entirely on film to keep it spontaneous and natural through-out.

We wanted to capture those in-between moments of powerful, soulful energy, grainy with perfect imperfections.

Be swept up in the nostalgic love of