As we head into a new year, full of new possibility, it's beneficial to create focus and inspiration by goal setting.

Goals help us reflect and focus our attention on being active drivers in this weird and wonderful thing we call life. As a business, projection and planning can sometimes project forward a year or more in advance. Therefore it's vital as a brand that we have a clear direction of what we want to achieve and how. When we set a defined approach that incorporates our intended outcomes/goals, we drive our vision forward and stay aligned with our brand values and integrity.

2020 was a wild year for all; it taught us that we need to adapt and move with the ever-changing tides of the time.

Your goals like ours might have shifted and changed because of that, and that is perfectly ok. Things change for a reason, it's important to set your vision for the future but know its ok if this diverts off it's intended path. If you let it, it can transform into a new goal or offer you a lesson that can make you stronger and more precise in the future.

Here are ten questions we like to explore before we set our personal and brand goals for the year ahead:

1) What motivates you and alights your soul?

2) What would like to achieve on a personal level?

3) What would I want to accomplish on a collective level?

4) Are there steps I could be taking to work towards a better future for all?

5) What does success look like or feel like to me?

6) How do I achieve my goals and stay balanced in life?

7) Do my goals honour my highest intentions and consciousness?

8) What are realistic time frames I can set myself to achieve set goals?

9) How can I work smarter, not harder?

10) Always remember quality or quantity!

So let's dive into and outline the vision and goals of Lahana for 2021!

We have made so many positive changes to move towards a more sustainable business. You can read all about what goals we have set and accomplishedhere.

For a more sustainable future, we can always do better by reviewing and improving our practices. Here's a little outline of the sustainability improvements we are looking to establish to meet our new sustainability goals for 2021.

1) Remove microplastics from the production line and HQ

Our office removed large plastics from its office in production lines in 2019/20, which was a massive accomplishment in reducing our non-recyclable waste. We updated our production packaging, post-purchase packaging and improved our marketing materials to biodegradable materials. We also stocked our kitchen with smoothie cups, coffee shops and takeaway containers to eat and drink during work hours waste-free.

But we understand that plastic can be both big and small, with the small plastic often being more harmful to wildlife then the large. We know we have to tackle this last little hurdle to call ourselves plastic-free fully. So watch this space ladies and gentlemen as we improve in even smaller detail.

We have an exciting packaging update to will help us address this even more in-depth.

2) Professional assessment of sustainability standards of Lahana

We can set and achieve best business based on our standards and practises within our HQ. However, to better understand and improve our systems, it takes new, professionally trained eyes. Lahana is currently undertaking a professional assessment of our sustainability standards to understand better how we can do better and be better as a company.

Lahana's bigger goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and give back the energy we consume and use as a company.

Staying aligned to our values as a brand means every decision and action we take works actively towards strengthening our brand values. It means staying true to our message and purchase as a brand and continue speaking to those values. We have always strived to use our voice and platform to uplift, motivate and positively contribute to the world. These actions can be as diverse as spreading an important message to young girls around body confidence or supporting charitable organisations that we believe make a tangible impact.

So let's look at this a little more closely, Lahana's core values include:

1) Maintaining and uplifting the relationship and connection with our Lahana community

2) Campaigning and encouraging for body positivity and confidence

3) Support and donate regularly to courses and organisation we are passionate about

4) Staying fierce and radiant no matter what baby

We hope that you already feel and see these values throughout the brand. We look forward to further strengthening our vision in 2021.



This brand is for you; it's a platform for you to come to feel empowered and beautiful in your skin. To feel supported in your body positive journey. We want to strengthen this relationship by being more transparent and offering more real-life opportunities to see behind the brand, for you to get involved with the lahana movement.

We want to show you the processes behind the scenes, from design, styling and more. We want you to meet our team more in-depth and get to know there work, their favourite styles, their journey to self-love and how they stay confident in their bodies. We want to show more from our co-founders, how they set, run and maintain a thriving, dynamic and growing company. We want you there for the journey from start to finish so you can genuinely feel apart and invested in what Lahana is in its entirety.

2020 restricted us from having Warehouse Sale across Australia. Which we missed so much, as this was our opportunity to meet our fierce girl gang all across Australia. 2021 is giving us high hopes of being able to hold covid safe Warehouse Sales this year, plus more in-person events for you to get involved with. If anything, 2020 acted as a catalyst to get more creative, to create new dynamic ways to meet and greet our girl-gang both online and offline.

Stay tuned our queens and hopefully meet you all soon!!



Every day our co-founder's inboxes get flooded with emails, dm's and messages looking for advice about starting, running and maintaining a business. With years of experience under each girls belt, across multiple area's of business; from design, marketing, warehousing, inventory, management and more, the girls have decided to create a platform to share this first-hand knowledge gained through experience.

What is knowledge if not shared, so lets have some honest and down to earth chats about the ups and downs baby.

If one of your personal goals is starting, growing or developing a business, then we have something inspiring coming your way.


We can't wait to have you along for the journey. 2021 is year to get aligned and focus, with new direction. Stay up to date on socials for updates and launch date announcements.