People & Planet


Social responsibility as a business is a principal value that we prioritise and cultivate here at Lahana. We want to contribute to our international & domestic community positively, in a way that encourages wellbeing and fights against inequality. Here are the projects close to our hearts that we have worked on and continue to work on: 

Global Women's project

The Global Women's Project sole purpose is to give women around the world the tools and resources they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities. Their focus is empowering through education and access to information, work is powered by women, for women.

In 2019 we collaborated with the Global Women's Project on the launch of luxe one piece the 'Bambi'. We donated 30% of profits from the sale of the style to supporting the work of this grass-roots and publicly-funded organisation. 

World Vision

Lahana supports a sweet little girl named Janki, who has recently turned five. We have been supporting Janki since the age of three. Lahana's support helps provide Janki with clean drinking water, food and education.

Calf Rescue

Happily heifer after, Calf rescue is a non-profit organisation located on the Sunshine Coast Qld Australia.

We adore all animals and are proud to have donated to @happilyheiferafter, a haven for all animals in need. They aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many animals as they can while educating the public on the industries these animals have been rescued from.

Lahana is a Vegetarian/vegan HQ; this is our small part to support our animal friends, stand up for the ethics behind the animal treatment and safeguard the environment from the effects of such industries. 

Silver Tulasi Mala

The' Silver Tulasi Mala' is a local company in and Indian village of Taranpur, Sri Mayapur. With strict lockdowns in place in India, there has been much need for on the ground support for local families. Silver Tulasi Mala has been distributing rice, Dhal and potatoes to those in need. 

There has never been a more critical time for food relief distributions in local villages. Lahana is proud to offer donations to support this fantastic company grass-root work. 

Unto the Least of thy Brethren

The Interfaith Community Services of 'Unto the least of thy Brethren' distribute hot, vegetarian meals to the homeless people at Tompkins Square Park every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The community service on the ground has helped countless people both before and during the Covid-19 epidemic. 

Lahana felt a call to support the America people during the pandemic that has impacted negatively on so many lives. We are proud to support and organisation offering immediate and needed support to the people. 

Thryft GC

Thryft Gc is local charity op shop that sells quality second hand donated clothes for just $5. The op-shop is set up to raise much needed funds to those living below the poverty line within Australia, with a particular focus of providing essential food and hygiene supplies to those experiencing homeless.

By donating Lahana's seconds, sale items we not only give those items a second life and stop them from landing in land fill, but the sale of those seconds support a local charity actively serving local Australian communities.




As a collective effort, we must work hard always to decrease our carbon footprint and overall impact on the earth. We recognise as an established company we naturally affect the environment, our goal is to improve continually and better our practices to reduce this. 

We have been working hard behind the scenes to change our structures and process to minimise the waste, improve raw material and develop best practise. Here are a few steps we have taken to move towards a more sustainable business. 


We want to leave a lasting impression on our customers, not a lasting impact on the earth. With the number of orders, we sent out annually, the packaging leftover from our girl-gang receiving their orders needs to be able to go back into the earth. 

Our inner and outer packaging that our beautiful orders arrive in is now bio-degradable and compostable. The raw material can be put into your home compost and will break down with time. In addition, the in-marketing and thank you cards are non-glossed and recyclable, helping to leave no trace of waste once your order is received. 

Sustainable Fabric 

Lahana is working hard to change its raw material over to sustainable fabric. Starting in 2020, we will be introducing GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified fabric to new drops until our entire collection is Sustainable. With a composition of 27% Elastane & 73% Recycled Nylon we can confirm the quality our customers know and love, without hurting the earth. 

We are beyond excited for these changes we are implementing!