"Sustainability is a huge focus for us moving forward. If you aren't looking forward and continuing try to do better as a business then you are stagnant. The future is sustainable, simple as that."

- (Co-founder Kunti Benson)

As a collective effort, we must work hard always to decrease our carbon footprint and overall impact on the earth. We recognise as an established company we naturally affect the environment, our goal is to improve continually and better our practices to reduce our overall impact on the earth.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to change our structures and process to minimise the waste, improve raw material and develop best practices. Here are a few steps we have taken to move towards a more sustainable business.

Our office removed large plastics from its office in production lines in 2019/20, which was a massive accomplishment in reducing our non-recyclable waste. We updated our production packaging, post-purchase packaging and improved our marketing materials to biodegradable materials. We also stocked our kitchen with smoothie cups, coffee shops and takeaway containers to eat and drink during work hours waste-free.


We want to leave a lasting impression on our customers, not a lasting impact on the earth. With the number of orders, we sent out annually, the packaging leftover from our girl-gang receiving their orders needs to be able to go back into the earth.

Our inner and outer packaging that our beautiful orders arrive in is now biodegradable and compostable. The raw material can be put into your home compost and will break down with time. Our swim and activewear last a lifetime, are packaging does not.

Waste Management


Waste management is a crucial part of cleaning up and improving our production practices. Our off-cuts and leftover fabric are not only kept to minimal through smart production techniques, but the raw material left is recycled, saving it from ending up in Landfill.

The reclaimed fabric in the production rooms is collected, bagged and sent to recycling treatment centres to be repurposed into new raw material and yarn. This raw material is then able to be reused and transformed into sustainable swim pieces.

The implementation of recycling of our fabric waste brings us one step closer to a more sustainable production line.


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